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Welcome to the official web page of the “Top 40 Most Inspirational Female Leaders in Ghana” initiative, organized by the Young Global Leaders Network. This esteemed program aims to celebrate and honor exceptional women leaders across various sectors in Ghana. We believe in the power of recognising and showcasing the achievements of these remarkable individuals to inspire aspiring women leaders and foster a culture of empowerment and equality.


The purpose of this initiative is to recognize and acknowledge the outstanding contributions of women leaders in Ghana. By highlighting their achievements, we aim to inspire future generations of women to break barriers, pursue their ambitions, and make a significant impact in their chosen fields. Through this platform, we strive to promote gender equality, encourage diversity, and create role models for aspiring women leaders.

The categories open for the 2023 edition of the Top 40 Most Inspirational Female Leaders in Ghana are:

  1. WOMEN Media Personalities of the Year: This category acknowledges influential women who have made significant contributions to the media industry in Ghana. This includes journalists, broadcasters, editors, and other media professionals who have had a positive impact on society.
  2. WOMEN Corporate Personalities of the Year: Recognising outstanding women in the corporate world, this category honors leaders who have demonstrated excellence in business management, innovation, and corporate social responsibility. These women have played a crucial role in shaping the business landscape in Ghana.
  3. WOMEN Healthcare Leaders of the Year: This category celebrates inspirational women in the healthcare sector, including doctors, nurses, researchers, and healthcare administrators. These individuals have made notable contributions to improving healthcare delivery, public health, and medical research in Ghana.
  4. WOMEN Education Champions of the Year: Acknowledging leaders in the education sector, this category highlights women who have made a difference in the field of education. This includes school administrators, teachers, educational reform advocates, and those who have positively impacted the educational landscape in Ghana.
  5. WOMEN Innovators in Science and Technology Personalities of the Year: Recognising women who have excelled in the fields of science and technology, this category celebrates innovators, researchers, engineers, and technologists. These individuals have contributed significantly to advancements in science and technology, fostering growth and development in Ghana.
  6. WOMEN Social Impact and Philanthropy Personalities of the Year: Celebrating women who have made significant contributions to social causes, community development, and philanthropy, positively impacting the lives of others. Whether through non-profit organizations, community development projects, or advocacy work, these leaders have made a meaningful impact on society.
  7. WOMEN Government and Public Service Leaders of the Year: Recognising influential women in government and public service, this category applauds those who have played pivotal roles in shaping public policy, governance, and public administration in Ghana. These leaders have contributed to the development and progress of the nation.
  8. WOMEN Entertainment Personalities of the Year:  Recognising the outstanding achievements and influence of Ghana’s leading women in entertainment. This category celebrates the creativity, talent, and resilience of extraordinary female personalities who have made significant contributions to the vibrant and diverse landscape of Ghanaian entertainment.
  9. YGLN Young Rising Stars of the Year: Recognising women making significant impact in their career. Making a valuable contribution and showing a willingness to learn, the young rising star always goes the extra mile, demonstrating exceptional ambition and paving the way for her own success.
  10. WOMEN Entrepreneurship Excellence Personalities of the Year: Recognising women entrepreneurs who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and/or innovation in the entrepreneurial landscape of Ghana.  

Who can make a nomination?

  1. Ghanaian Women resident in Ghana.
  2. Self-nomination is allowed.
  3. Organizations can also make nominations.

Make your submission today!

Nomination Criteria:

To ensure a fair and rigorous selection process, the committee responsible for this initiative established the following criteria for nominations:
  1. Outstanding Achievements: Nominees must have a proven track record of significant accomplishments in their respective fields, demonstrating exceptional leadership, innovation, and impact.
  2. Positive Influence: Nominees should have made a positive difference in their communities, organizations, or sectors, embodying ethical leadership and social responsibility.
  3. Role Model: Nominees should serve as inspirations and role models, demonstrating resilience, determination, and the ability to overcome challenges.
  4. Diversity and Inclusion: The initiative seeks to recognize women leaders from diverse backgrounds, professions, and age groups, ensuring a broad representation of Ghana’s talent.
  5. Continued Growth and Potential: Nominees should exhibit the potential for further growth, contributing to the development and progress of their fields and inspiring future generations.

The Final 40:

After an extensive review and selection process, the committee will meticulously choose the final extraordinary women leaders who have excelled in their respective domains and have been selected as the “Top 40 Most Inspirational Female Leaders in Ghana”.

The “Top 40 Most Inspirational Female Leaders in Ghana” initiative is a celebration of remarkable women leaders who have shattered barriers, overcome challenges, and made significant contributions to their communities and fields. We invite you to explore the profiles of these inspiring individuals, learn from their journeys, and be motivated to pursue your dreams relentlessly. Together, let us build a society where women are empowered, celebrated, and given equal opportunities to thrive.

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Emmanuel Addo

Emmanuel Addo is the founder of the Young Global Leaders Network, an international non-governmental organization registered in six (6) countries namely, Ghana, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Sudan and has a membership strength of over 15,000 young black professionals, students, graduates, and aspiring leaders.

The organization also operates in 25 other African countries. Emmanuel also doubles as the chief convener and founder of the Young African Leaders Summit, one of the largest continental youth summits in Africa.  

Currently works at Kingston University as a Business Engagement Team Member in their Partnerships and Engagement Department. 

He characterizes energy, integrity, result-oriented, and ground-breaking service in each detail of strategic management, change management, stakeholder management, and leadership acquaintances.
Emmanuel owns a core background in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Ghana.

Leveraging his experience as a youth activist and a dynamic young man, Emmanuel founded the Young Global Leaders Network, a youth organization that comprises young diplomats, young politicians, and aspiring politicians, business/entrepreneurial business leaders with the aim of championing a mutual agenda for the African youth and promoting youth participation in governance as well as promoting entrepreneurial culture.
Emmanuel nurtures an environment of teamwork and has expertise in data collection and analysis as well as both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Emmanuel worked as an Associate Lecturer at the London College of Advanced Management where he delivered a wide range of business management courses that involved principles of marketing, leadership, operation management, and research methods. Emmanuel has always maintained high teaching and learning standards to ensure that his students’ stand out in academic achievements and successful progression. As a stout believer and passionate key player in volunteering; Emmanuel creates quality time to giving back gladly to his community what he has learned and to educate individuals with free consultancy on career development. He is a leader anyone would love to look up to and with great integrity, commitment, and passion to make the world a better place.
Emmanuel worked as Qualifications Manager at the Open University in the UK.

Emmanuel is also the founder of Kickstart Innovation Hub Ltd, the entrepreneurial hub of Young Global Leaders Network.