A BAME community for women

BAME Women in Leadership Forum UK 2021

Calling all BAME women founders, professionals, aspiring women leaders, graduates, and job seekers.

Date- 20th and 21st November 2021

venue- London

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the project

The Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Women’s Impact Project – UK is an initiative of YGL Network. This is a BAME community which offers BAME professional women and aspiring BAME women leaders a unique opportunity to discus, address and find solutions to some of the challenges encountered by BAME women at the workplace, and in their quest for career progression or breaking the glass ceiling. This also offers an extraordinary platform for BAME aspiring women leaders to be mentored by experienced and successful BAME women professionals/leaders. This platform also offers BAME women the opportunity to network and connect. This project also provides creative lifelong learning opportunities for BAME women in London and Milton Keynes. We are keen to celebrate the success and achievements of BAME women in the UK through capturing and compiling their stories.

The BAME Women’s Impact Project – UK focus on empowering and building the capacity of BAME women and businesses and provide a platform to network and connect. This project also focusses on promoting STEM among black women.

YGL Network believes that women especially BAME women continue to be underrepresented in political leadership and corporate, and as a result, YGL Network seeks to turn the tides believing that we need more women leaders and need a platform that mentors and empowers aspiring women leaders. This gap we seek to bridge through this initiative. This initiative further seeks to influence greater representation of BAME women professionals in leadership and management positions

We aim to drive this change by empowering, inspiring and amplifying BAME women who aspire to lead through events. We target women in corporate, politics, diplomacy, graduates, and entrepreneurs. We seek to raise an army of BAME women leaders who are also mentoring and coaching aspiring BAME women leaders.

We seek to achieve this through:

Woman2Woman Mentorship

To build mentor mentee relationship for BAME women professionals and members of YGL Network. This we believe will provide adequate guidance to upcoming women leaders. Each mentoring relationship is tailored to the members needs and objectives. Our mentorship programme will focus on women entrepreneurs and career women.

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BAME Women in Leadership Forum UK Event

This Forum shall bring together BAME women professionals, BAME aspiring women leaders, BAME owned businesses/entrepreneurs to discuss innovative ideas and brainstorm new ways of dealing with challenges that BAME women are confronted with in their quest to succeed in business and in their workplaces.

The Forum also focuses on empowering, challenge and building the leadership capacity of Black and Asian women and Black and Asian businesses.

The Forum shall also provide a platform for impactful and professional networking, keynote speeches, panel discussions, breakout session/group discussions, and mentorship session for participants on career advancement, leadership, etc.

This is two (2)-day capacity building and mentorship event targeting BAME women professionals, entrepreneurs, and aspiring women leaders as participants.