Emerging Young African Asian Leader and Entrepreneur Programme UK



Earn accredited European certificate and visit some of UK’s most exciting places.

20 JULY 2023 to 4 AUGUST 2023

A 14-day leadership and entrepreneurship summer educational and cultural exchange programme in UK.

Built around Young Global Leaders Network and Malta Leadership Institute’s African Young Leaders Fellowship Programme, this unique Entrepreneurial Leadership educational training prepares future leaders to explore their potential to create widespread change in Africa and Asia and around the world.

The Aspiring Young African Asian Leader and Entrepreneur Programme UK in partnership with Sapphire Foundation UK aims to empower and give the necessary leadership and entrepreneurship skills to aspiring young leaders of Africa and Asia to improve their entrepreneurial, leadership and organisational skills and to expose them to international best practices through educational study tours.

The mission is to empower African and Asian young and aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders to catalyse their socioeconomic growth.

The program provides educational and cultural exchanges, mentorship, study tour, series of workshops, and seed funding programs to strengthen the leadership development and networks.

Who can apply?

Aspiring/emerging African and Asian entrepreneurs or leaders or established young entrepreneurs and leaders between the ages of 18 and 40. This is for young aspiring entrepreneurs/entrepreneurs, aspiring diplomats, and aspiring leaders in general of African and Asian origins to be delivered in the UK.

Program Provides

Note: Please find the eligibility requirements on the application. Please only share non-confidential information. There is £1650 cost involved to participate in the program. This includes accommodation, training and learning, study tours, conference fees, networking, and breakfast sessions.


Participants will study 2 of the below modules to earn a Certificate in Diplomatic Entrepreneurship Development accredited by Malta Leadership Institute as part of programme.

a. Award in The Young Emerging Diplomat and Politician course
b. Award in The Young Emerging Entrepreneur course
c. Award in The Young Emerging Women Leader course


  • Anyone between the ages of 18 and 40
  • African or Asian young leader or entrepreneur or aspiring leader or entrepreneur
  • Passionate about leadership and/or solving societal problems
  • Ability to commit to the programme for duration of the programme
  • Must be an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, aspiring politician or diplomat, politician or diplomat, aspiring woman leader or woman leader or a professional, activist, social entrepreneurs, or student
  • Ability to speak and write English
  • The participants need to have at least finished their post-secondary school.