About Us

The Kickstart Innovation Hub is a community of young entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders and professionals, tech-preneurs, start-ups aimed at providing solutions to Africa’s unemployment challenges through entrepreneurship and use entrepreneurship to boost the economies of Africa. With focus on Africa, its goal is to nurture, provide mentorship, & entrepreneurship training to aspiring young entrepreneurs, start-ups, young women entrepreneurs, empowering women and facilitating the holistic development of young entrepreneurs.

The Aim of the Hub is to help solve the high youth unemployment situation in Africa by inculcating, instilling, and nurturing the culture of entrepreneurship among the youths for national development and by providing seed funds to start-ups thereby reducing or helping to eradicate extreme poverty on the African continent and by encouraging the youth to develop their big ideas into sustainable businesses or expand their existing businesses through the provision of material and financial support.

Kickstart Innovation Hub has risen to the challenge of facilitating youth empowerment and entrepreneurship and has developed key innovative strategy to help solve Africa’s high unemployment (through entrepreneurship) as well as raise dynamic community/society of entrepreneurial leaders.


To facilitate the emergence of 50,000 young entrepreneurs or start – ups by 2030 and instilling a culture of entrepreneurship or entrepreneurial mindset among the youths of Africa.

The Hub shall also focus on empowering young people to be enterprising and control their own destiny.



KickStart Entrepreneurship Challenge is a flagship programme of the Kickstart Innovation Hub Ltd. The aim of the challenge is to help solve the high youth unemployment situation in Africa by inculcating and nurturing the culture of entrepreneurship for national development and by providing seed funds for start-ups thereby reducing or helping to eradicate extreme poverty on the African continent and by encouraging the youth to develop their big ideas into sustainable businesses or expand their existing businesses through the provision of material and financial support which include:

Business development skill training

We will use business projects and structured workshops as a vehicle to educate and shape our participants about entrepreneurship


Mentorship programs shall take the form of ad-hoc start-up incubation centres, public seminars, workshops and training programs in secondary schools and tertiary institutions and for all participants who purchase our forms to take part in our flagship programme dubbed ‘’Kickstart Entrepreneurship Challenge’’. The mentorship programs shall encourage young people to pursue their vision of entrepreneurship in the fields of their endeavour and provide them with the necessary support to enhance their success


shall be given funding for their business start-up and or expansion

  • The challenge is open to all Africans between the ages 18 to 31 years and have their business in Africa
  • Applicants must have valid identification (Passport, Driver’s License, or Voters Registration, etc) as at the time of application.
  • Applicant must be willing to operate the business on a full-time basis.
  • Applicant should have an innovative business idea in need of a start-up fund
  • Or already have an existing small business not more than 5 years old when it was legally registered needing capital to expand operations.
  • Legal Residents
  • New businesses requiring start-up capital; or
  • Existing small businesses (not more than 5 years) needing capital to expand.
  • Business plans must be innovative with positive developmental impacts.
  • Project must be commercially and technically viable.


100 successful applicants out of the total applicants will be selected to undergo further intensive 12 weeks workshops, training, and mentorship programmes and 10 will be shortlisted afterwards.

Final Selection

The 10 shortlisted applicants will then compete to win the Kickstart Ghana Entrepreneurship Challenge 2021 competition which will be a 12-week intensive competition.

The modules for the training under Kickstart Entrepreneurship Challenge

At the end of the training, applicants will be given one month to write their final competing business plan.

Application Opens on the 2nd November 2021

Deadline: 31st December 2021


This shall be the convergence of top 200 young founders/CEOs of entrepreneurial businesses in Africa. This will be a yearly forum organized to sharpen the skills of young founders, strengthen their entrepreneurial skills, and provide a platform for networking and opportunity to meet potential investors.

The forum will also showcase impactful entrepreneurial businesses across Africa and recognise them.

Founders/CEOs will have the opportunity to pitch their businesses to investors. This shall be a 2-day summit. Participants will be made to apply to participate and will have to go through a rigorous selection process. We shall also extend invitations to potential participants to apply to attend the forum.

The 2-day event is a great opportunity for networking, and a meeting point for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors.

There will be a call for aspiring entrepreneurs to apply and Pitch their start-ups at this Forum.

Pitch your start-up at the Young African Entrepreneurs Forum 2021.

Emmanuel Addo

Emmanuel Addo is the founder of the Young Global Leaders Network, an international non-governmental organization registered in six (6) countries namely, Ghana, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Sudan and has a membership strength of over 15,000 young black professionals, students, graduates, and aspiring leaders.

The organization also operates in 25 other African countries. Emmanuel also doubles as the chief convener and founder of the Young African Leaders Summit, one of the largest continental youth summits in Africa.  

Currently works at Kingston University as a Business Engagement Team Member in their Partnerships and Engagement Department. 

He characterizes energy, integrity, result-oriented, and ground-breaking service in each detail of strategic management, change management, stakeholder management, and leadership acquaintances.
Emmanuel owns a core background in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Ghana.

Leveraging his experience as a youth activist and a dynamic young man, Emmanuel founded the Young Global Leaders Network, a youth organization that comprises young diplomats, young politicians, and aspiring politicians, business/entrepreneurial business leaders with the aim of championing a mutual agenda for the African youth and promoting youth participation in governance as well as promoting entrepreneurial culture.
Emmanuel nurtures an environment of teamwork and has expertise in data collection and analysis as well as both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Emmanuel worked as an Associate Lecturer at the London College of Advanced Management where he delivered a wide range of business management courses that involved principles of marketing, leadership, operation management, and research methods. Emmanuel has always maintained high teaching and learning standards to ensure that his students’ stand out in academic achievements and successful progression. As a stout believer and passionate key player in volunteering; Emmanuel creates quality time to giving back gladly to his community what he has learned and to educate individuals with free consultancy on career development. He is a leader anyone would love to look up to and with great integrity, commitment, and passion to make the world a better place.
Emmanuel worked as Qualifications Manager at the Open University in the UK.

Emmanuel is also the founder of Kickstart Innovation Hub Ltd, the entrepreneurial hub of Young Global Leaders Network.