Our Programs & Initiatives

Our Presence in Africa & Europe 

The Young Global Leaders Network Inc. is driven by the belief that all people especially the youth should have an equal chance and equal opportunities to thrive and succeed.  

Since our inception, our initiatives and projects across Africa has impacted positively the lives of the youth who are looking forward to establishing themselves in areas of entrepreneurship, politics, diplomacy, and advance in their individual careers.  

Contrary to myth and many business autobiographies, we hold the believe that leaders are not born but are formed. Leadership is a skill that can and must be learned and developed through training. We are committed to raising the next generation of leaders to transform the African economy.  

We have provided mentorship platforms for young aspiring leaders through our Young Global Leaders Network Inc. Mentorship Hub (Beyond Barriers Africa Mentorship Hub) and Bi-Weekly Youth Leadership and Mentorship Forum. These initiatives has mentored over 2000 young Africans and given some a great start to their individual dreams.  

The Young Global Leaders Network Inc. is a registered organization and operates in Ghana (Reg. number CG072582020), Nigeria (Reg. number 3551421), registered as an NGO in South Sudan (REG. NO 3765), Sierra Leone (Reg. WC0007557/170), Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Zimbabwe and operates in 25 other African countries.

The Path Forward

Our work is unified around some of Africa’s most complex challenges that young people in Africa face — unemployment, lack of deliberate mentorship and networking opportunities for the youth.  

We aim to deepen our presence in existing countries and expand to other African countries. We aim to operate in every African country impacting positively millions of African youths.  

To train, and empower a critical mass of 1 million+ youths by 2030 through our diverse initiatives and to develop future leaders or aspiring leaders that have the capacity to address Africa’s most compelling economic, social, political, and environmental issues in their communities. We will continuously build and enhance the capacity of adults and organizations to deliver high-impact leadership development projects, develop and sponsor community impact projects, and provide a powerful network mentors to guide all those involved. 

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