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Do you want to start a Branch or a Chapter in your Country or Institution?

At The Young Global Leaders Network Inc., we are determined to provide positive value to social entrepreneurs, students, women leaders, and professionals. With this objective in mind, we are working to expand our reach so that we can help more social enterprises, young and aspiring entrepreneurs, young and aspiring leaders to grow and develop more socially responsible leaders from among the students and professionals. We believe there is a significant void that The Young Global Leaders Network Inc. seeks to fill. Therefore, we are planning to open more chapters or branches to utilize our potential to the maximum.

We encourage you to submit an application if: The Young Global Leaders Network Inc. does not have a presence or a chapter in your country and you want to establish The Young Global Leaders Network Inc. in your country

If your university does not have a The Young Global Leaders Network Inc. chapter yet and you want to establish The Young Global Leaders Network Inc. in your institution, do well to Apply too.
We are seeking talented and passionate individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit, motivated to join us in our quest to spread positivity.

But before you make the decision to apply, please note that setting up a The Young Global Leaders Network Inc. chapter is a very rigorous process and task. We are committed to maintaining high standards of quality and operational excellence. Hence, it is our priority to choose dedicated and self-motivated individuals as chapter heads.

If you are planning to apply, please understand that although starting a The Young Global Leaders Network Inc. chapter is an extremely rewarding endeavour, you will have to dedicate a lot of time towards it. Founding teams usually must spend 8 hours per week of their time to plan and manage your chapter. Our management team will support you in every possible way along this journey.

After you have submitted your application, our CEO Emmanuel Addo and our Global Liaison Officer will be working with you in developing your plans. They will provide their feedback on your ideas and will be with you throughout the process. Meanwhile, you will become a part of our global community with access to training resources to ensure sustained success. We will also guide you through the IT on-boarding process during this time.

So here is your chance to become a member of a thriving community and create a difference in your surroundings. The first step is yours to take. Fill out the form following form to submit your expression of interest. We will go through it and get in touch with you if we think it is worth moving forward.

New Chapter Application Form

Join us to build a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Eligible Countries:

Algeria, Angola, Botswana, Burundi, Cape Verde, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, The Gambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Morocco, Madagascar, Somalia, Mozambique, Niger, Zambia, Libya, Mauritania, Côte d’ivoire, Cameroon, South Africa, Somaliland, Chad

Step 1. Online Application
Fill out the chapter creation form on our website. This is your chance to show us your motivation to start a new chapter of our organization.

Step 2. 1st Interview
Formal interview in which we will get to know more about you and assess your dedication towards The Young Global Leaders Network Inc. This is also your chance to ask any questions and discuss plans for the preliminary chapter structure.

Step 3. Chapter Proposal/Plan of Action
This will be a formal presentation where you will outline your detailed strategic plan for the chapter proposal. Use this opportunity to address any foreseeable challenges you expect to face during the recruitment process.

Step 4. 2nd Interview
A formal meeting to discuss your chapter proposal to make sure it is achievable and complies with The Young Global Leaders Network Inc. mission.

Step 5. Approval and Onboarding
Official go-ahead for your new chapter accompanied by a mandatory new chapter leadership training, IT on-boarding, chapter constitution and much more.

Please complete this form for desired position or role. 

By submitting this form, you confirm that you agree to the required terms of confidentiality found here in accordance with data protection requirements.