Weza Fellows for Emerging African Women Leader Fellowship Programme

Welcome to the Weza Fellows for Emerging African Women Leader Fellowship Programme in Peace, Poverty Eradication, Security, and Leadership!

This prestigious fellowship program aims to empower and uplift African women who are emerging leaders in the fields of peace, poverty eradication, security, and leadership. Weza Fellows provides a transformative and enriching experience, equipping fellows with the skills, knowledge, and networks necessary to drive positive change in their communities and beyond.

The aim of this fellowship program is to empower, enhance and equip aspiring African young women leaders with essential leadership skills, entrepreneurial skills and organizational abilities, encourage women’s participation in governance and decision-making in Africa through our tailored leadership workshops, and educational campaign activities and promote gender equality, while building their capacity to effectively identify, prevent, and counter violent extremism and violence against women. The program shall empower and support Ghanaian women who are passionate about making a difference in their communities and becoming influential leaders in the fields of peace, security, and leadership.

By doing so, the program aims to cultivate a generation of empowered thought leaders who are well-equipped with knowledge and strategies to address violent extremism and violence against women through innovative approaches as well as enhanced leadership skills.

Weza Fellows program is a ground-breaking initiative aimed towards making significant contributions to both the United Nations and the African continent. We anticipate establishing a strong partnership with the United Nations, collaborating closely to advance the goals of sustainable development, gender equality, entrepreneurship, and peacebuilding across Africa.

This year’s program primary issues where fellows will be empowered to address shall focus on Violent Extremism and Terrorism in Africa and Women Empowerment in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

Program Contributions to the United Nations

Our fellowship program aligns closely with the United Nations’ objectives and actively contributes to the organization’s efforts in several ways. By nurturing and empowering African women leaders, we are fostering diversity and inclusivity within the peace, security, and leadership sectors, which are vital for achieving the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. Weza Fellows actively shall engage with various UN agencies, including the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Women (UN Women), and the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations, to create collaborative platforms for knowledge exchange, advocacy, and policy development. Through our partnerships, we strive to amplify the voices of African women, address gender-based violence, promote conflict resolution, and build resilient communities across the African continent.

Program Contributions to the African Continent

Our fellowship program recognizes the immense potential and talent that African women possess. By providing them with access to transformative educational opportunities, leadership training, and mentorship, we aim to shape the future leaders of Africa who will contribute to the sustainable development and prosperity of their countries and the entire continent. Weza Fellows shall have a strong presence in various African countries, working closely with local governments, civil society organizations, and community leaders. Through our grassroots initiatives, we promote gender equality, women’s empowerment, and peacebuilding at the community level. Our fellows shall actively engage in projects that address pressing challenges such as conflict resolution, human rights advocacy, women’s health, education, and economic empowerment.

Compulsory Course:

Award in The Young Emerging Woman Leader/Advocate Course

This course is designed to expose women to challenges or barriers that women must overcome to succeed at their workplaces, pursue and succeed in their leadership ambitions. Aside exposing these challenges, the programme prepares women to better understand these challenges and helps participants address these challenges. This course is a compulsory course for fellows.

Fellows will choose 2 others from the below specialized training courses:

Award in The Young Emerging Diplomat & Politician Course

This course is based on three pillars: International Relations, foreign and parliamentary affairs, and diplomacy, forming the core of the curriculum. The programme prepares and develops graduates for a career in government, politics, international relations, and parliament.
  • The Young Emerging Entrepreneur course (60 hours)
  • The Young Aspiring Project Manager course (60 hours)
  • The Young Emerging Trade Specialist Course
All courses are accredited and will be administered by Malta Leadership Institute, our partner

Program Benefits

By participating in the Weza Fellows for Emerging African Women Leader Fellowship Programme in Peace, Security, and Leadership, you will gain access to a wide range of benefits and opportunities.

Comprehensive Training

Our fellowship program offers intensive training modules led by renowned experts in the fields of peace, security, and leadership. The program covers a wide range of topics, including peacebuilding, conflict resolution, negotiation, policy advocacy, and effective leadership strategies.

Mentorship and Networking

Weza Fellows provides mentorship from influential leaders, experts, and successful professionals who are committed to supporting the next generation of African women leaders. You will have the opportunity to build valuable connections and access a strong network of like-minded individuals.

Project Implementation

As a fellow, you will have the opportunity to design and implement your own projects that address key challenges in your community. We provide support, guidance, and resources to turn your ideas into impactful initiatives, fostering sustainable change.

International Exposure

Weza Fellows offers exposure to international platforms, conferences, and events related to peace, security, and leadership. This exposure enables you to engage with global leaders, expand your horizons, and share your insights and experiences on a broader stage.


The Weza Fellows for Emerging African Women Leader Fellowship Programme is open to African women who meet the following eligibility criteria.

If you meet the above eligibility criteria and are passionate about making a difference in peace, security, and leadership, we invite you to apply for the Weza Fellows for Emerging African Women Leader Fellowship Programme.

Please note that the application process and deadlines will be provided on our website, so be sure to visit regularly for updates.

Join us on this empowering journey and unlock your potential as a future leader in Africa!

Weza Fellows 2023/24 calendar overview

Applications, interviews and fellows’ selection and confirmation
Detailed information about destination, logistics, and travel bookings by organization
Remote Opening Event
Online training, community, online studies, and mentoring sessions
Networking sessions, presentations, and cultural walk.


Individual work, training & workshops, field visits, cultural exchange activities, community events and open innovation challenge
Networking sessions, fellows’ presentations, community, and next steps
Emmanuel Addo

Emmanuel Addo is the founder of the Young Global Leaders Network, an international non-governmental organization registered in six (6) countries namely, Ghana, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Sudan and has a membership strength of over 15,000 young black professionals, students, graduates, and aspiring leaders.

The organization also operates in 25 other African countries. Emmanuel also doubles as the chief convener and founder of the Young African Leaders Summit, one of the largest continental youth summits in Africa.  

Currently works at Kingston University as a Business Engagement Team Member in their Partnerships and Engagement Department. 

He characterizes energy, integrity, result-oriented, and ground-breaking service in each detail of strategic management, change management, stakeholder management, and leadership acquaintances.
Emmanuel owns a core background in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Ghana.

Leveraging his experience as a youth activist and a dynamic young man, Emmanuel founded the Young Global Leaders Network, a youth organization that comprises young diplomats, young politicians, and aspiring politicians, business/entrepreneurial business leaders with the aim of championing a mutual agenda for the African youth and promoting youth participation in governance as well as promoting entrepreneurial culture.
Emmanuel nurtures an environment of teamwork and has expertise in data collection and analysis as well as both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Emmanuel worked as an Associate Lecturer at the London College of Advanced Management where he delivered a wide range of business management courses that involved principles of marketing, leadership, operation management, and research methods. Emmanuel has always maintained high teaching and learning standards to ensure that his students’ stand out in academic achievements and successful progression. As a stout believer and passionate key player in volunteering; Emmanuel creates quality time to giving back gladly to his community what he has learned and to educate individuals with free consultancy on career development. He is a leader anyone would love to look up to and with great integrity, commitment, and passion to make the world a better place.
Emmanuel worked as Qualifications Manager at the Open University in the UK.

Emmanuel is also the founder of Kickstart Innovation Hub Ltd, the entrepreneurial hub of Young Global Leaders Network.