Why We Do

One of the major challenges facing the youth in Africa is unemployment. The Young Global Leaders Network believes that in helping solve this huge challenge, inculcating the culture of entrepreneurship, providing the needed support, training, mentorship and facilitation will greatly help in solving the huge unemployment problem on the continent.

This, the Young Global Leaders Network will do through its flagship programme called, Kickstart Entrepreneurship Challenge under Kickstart Innovation Hub Ltd.

Women especially black women continue to be underrepresented in political leadership and corporate, the Young Global Leaders Network seeks to turn the tides believing that we need more women leaders. This gap we seek to bridge through our Women Lead Initiative.

The goal is to transform passive youths into a passionate citizen who shall serve as agents of positive change and assume leadership roles in different sectors of the national polity. We are working towards creating a generation of youth who are determiners of their own destiny, who are aware that leadership places a demand in accountability, and passionate to create a better society for future generations.