Who We Are

The organization operates as a social enterprise, a non-governmental and non-profit entity, with a goal of nurturing young aspiring leaders, increase participation and representation of young women leaders across various sectors, providing high level networking platform, providing mentorship and training aspiring young entrepreneurs and established young entrepreneurs, aspiring diplomats, young aspiring women leaders, young politicians or political leaders, student leaders, social movement activists, and facilitating the development of the next generation of leadership at all levels.

Disclaimer: This organization is not affiliated to or associated with any other organization. All our National chapters or branches are registered with their respective country name as part of it name to distinguish us.

We are a standalone organization.

At the Young Global Leaders Network LBG, your development is our priority and so we have developed amazing initiatives geared towards empowering its members to become changemakers. Our platform ensures you succeed.

The organization is a global movement of young change agents dedicated to training its cohort to take up leadership roles to influence the future of Africa and the world at large. This is a platform for aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, diplomats, women leaders, aspiring women leaders, and entrepreneurs.