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The Young African Leaders Summit which is an initiative and subsidiary of The Young Global Leaders Network (a non-political, non-governmental social enterprise) is a global movement of young change agents dedicated to training its cohort to take up leadership roles to influence the future of Africa and the world at large and to provide a platform for young aspiring leaders across Africa to converge and discuss innovative ideas and brainstorm new ways of dealing with challenges that African youths are confronted with.

The Summit shall also provide a platform for impactful and professional networking.
Keynote speeches, panel discussions, breakout session/group discussions, African Youth General Assembly session (Africa Union Model) initiative, socialization/networking session, dinner and awards presentation session.


On 22-23 November 2019, delegates from across Africa and high-level representatives from current and past governments participated in the maiden Young African Leaders Summit that took place in Accra-Ghana. The first edition of the Young African Leaders Summit, an initiative of the Young Politicians and Leaders Network now Young Global Leaders Network was well participated. Delegates from all over Africa converged at the Accra International Conference Centre to deliberate on key challenges faced by the youth of Africa and proposed how these challenges can be addressed.

The Summit also achieved one of it’s key aim of empowering young aspiring leaders and encouraging the youth to be much interested in the political leadership of their country’s.

The Former President of the Republic of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama graced the occasion. He used the occasion to further empower young leaders present at the summit. He shared his personal experiences in leadership with delegates. He stressed on the need for governments to concentrate more on industrialization.

Ghana’s Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister under the NPP Government, Hon. Cynthia Mamle Morrison also seized the occasion to empower delegates. She stressed on the need for the youth of Africa to believe in themselves.

A rich exchange of ideas and good practices for tackling Africa’s high level unemployment took place. Delegates explored in detail how entrepreneurship could help reduce unemployment and called on more support from the government and private entities.

Summit Brief

The 2019 Young African Leaders Summit which collated ideas from some of the continent’s finest youth figures and aggregated them into relevant themes able to shape policy on the continent will be submitted to the African Union.

The summit again achieved another aim of being a platform for cross-country idea-sharing and assimilation and an opportunity to bridge identity gap that is often perceived to exist within the youthful population of Africa.

The summit which is an initiative of The Young Global Leaders Network, is a global movement of young change agents dedicated to training its cohort to take up leadership roles to influence the future of Africa and the world at large.

Panel sessions, focus group discussions and ideas were collated at the summit and a communique called the ”AFRICAN YOUTH MANIFESTO” will be submitted to the African Union.

Emmanuel Addo

Emmanuel Addo is the founder of the Young Global Leaders Network, an international non-governmental organization registered in six (6) countries namely, Ghana, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Sudan and has a membership strength of over 15,000 young black professionals, students, graduates, and aspiring leaders.

The organization also operates in 25 other African countries. Emmanuel also doubles as the chief convener and founder of the Young African Leaders Summit, one of the largest continental youth summits in Africa.  

Currently works at Kingston University as a Business Engagement Team Member in their Partnerships and Engagement Department. 

He characterizes energy, integrity, result-oriented, and ground-breaking service in each detail of strategic management, change management, stakeholder management, and leadership acquaintances.
Emmanuel owns a core background in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Ghana.

Leveraging his experience as a youth activist and a dynamic young man, Emmanuel founded the Young Global Leaders Network, a youth organization that comprises young diplomats, young politicians, and aspiring politicians, business/entrepreneurial business leaders with the aim of championing a mutual agenda for the African youth and promoting youth participation in governance as well as promoting entrepreneurial culture.
Emmanuel nurtures an environment of teamwork and has expertise in data collection and analysis as well as both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Emmanuel worked as an Associate Lecturer at the London College of Advanced Management where he delivered a wide range of business management courses that involved principles of marketing, leadership, operation management, and research methods. Emmanuel has always maintained high teaching and learning standards to ensure that his students’ stand out in academic achievements and successful progression. As a stout believer and passionate key player in volunteering; Emmanuel creates quality time to giving back gladly to his community what he has learned and to educate individuals with free consultancy on career development. He is a leader anyone would love to look up to and with great integrity, commitment, and passion to make the world a better place.
Emmanuel worked as Qualifications Manager at the Open University in the UK.

Emmanuel is also the founder of Kickstart Innovation Hub Ltd, the entrepreneurial hub of Young Global Leaders Network.